The shop

Tradition and modernity

Skilled artisans transform buffalo hides into handcrafted products at the workshop, combining technique and experimentation, classic and designer lines.

In keeping with the spirit of innovation and growth that sets the estate apart, the Leather Shop was established in 2007. A location where artisans work with vegetable-tanned buffalo leather, using natural tannins derived from plants.

Objects and accessories for everyday use, marked by a great softness to the touch and both classic and contemporary lines, are produced and sold on the estate: various types of bags and duffel bags, document holders, wallets and purses, belts, key rings, desk accessories.

Over time, the products produced at the Leather Shop have been developed and refined, and today the production is divided into a classic yet original line – with objects inspired in their shapes by the ancient rural world – and a collection of products with a contemporary mark that reflect the local area. During the estate’s opening hours visitors can visit the workshop and see the leather artisans at work.

The products are only available for purchase at the premises and on the Tenuta Vannulo website.

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From buffalo hide, products and accessories drawing inspiration from the shapes and knowledge of the local area and the farming world.

Balanced between technique and experimentation, between classic and design lines, At the leather shop, buffalo hides are transformed into artisan products.

Objects and accessories for everyday use, characterised by a soft touch and both classic and contemporary lines.