A daily ritual

Buffalo mozzarella from Vannulo is made entirely by hand: the raw milk curdles and then matures, before moving on to the spinning and mozzatura stages. It is available every day, with its firm consistency and unique flavour, by reservation only: bocconcini (from 50-60 grams), mozzarella (from 150-200 grams); trecce, treccine, cardinali, aversane are available by request only. The purchase limit per person is 5 kilograms of cheese. To book, please contact the dairy at 0828 724 765.

Farm's own stable is processed daily in the dairy: the buffalo mozzarella, in its various shapes and sizes, is always fresh. The produce, bagged on the spot, is sold out daily and must be reserved in advance.

Buffalo ricotta cheese in moulds, for sale and tasting every day.

La pasta della mozzarella a riposo, durante la maturazione della cagliata.