The tasting room

All the best of the estate, at the table

Flavours and a warm welcome, just like at home. Open every day, an area reserved for directly sampling the products of the estate and much more.

Since 2015, the space that goes by the name of ‘Degustazione’ has been welcoming customers and friends to sample Vannulo’s dairy and non-dairy products, together with simple, honest dishes prepared with high quality raw materials. Vegetables on the farm are cultivated following organic farming principles, resulting in a fresh, locally-sourced harvest for daily meals that are seasonally inspired.

The tasting room is split into an indoor and outdoor area, with tables set up in a hall and porch to welcome guests in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere.

To make reservations, call the estate at 0828 727 894.

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From the garden and dairy: a caprese with primosale cheese and cherry tomatoes, mozzarella, tomato salad.

The dishes follow the seasonality of the products. The classic summer dish parmigiana di melanzane.

Simple and honest dishes to be relished in a friendly ambience.

A homely space to enjoy all year round, surrounded by nature and delicious flavours.

The vegetable garden, tended according to the principles of organic farming, provides zero-kilometre vegetables for the food being prepared each day, for a varied and seasonal menu featuring local specialities and italian cuisine.

The estate's vegetable garden produces organic vegetables that are used daily in our food offerings.

From plant to plate, the freshest courgette flowers. For a delicious dish of courgette flowers stuffed with buffalo ricotta cheese.