The buffalo

From tradition to innovation

There are about six hundred buffalo on the estate. Each one has its own name, and they are bred with care, according to their own rhythms: the rhythm of nature.

Buffalo have been a historical, familiar presence in the Paestum plain since ancient times. The buffalo on the Vannulo estate live according to the ethics and vision that have always guided the farm: a place that has developed and been based on respect for the animals, the land, and the quality of life of those who live on it, work on it, care for it and enjoy its fruits.

The buffalo roam freely and graze across eleven hectares of land; they are milked at their own pace, treated with homeopathic remedies, and fed with estate-grown fodder. The breeding facilities are comfortable and freely accessible, with rubber mats, showers, and brushes. And the automated milking techniques also contribute to animal welfare, hygiene, and milk quality. The voluntary milking system is a robot that allows buffalo to choose when they want to be milked. It works around the clock using a mechanical arm and 3D camera.

The quality of the milk and its derived products reflect the welfare of the animals: the buffalo are central to the farm’s work and knowledge, creating a harmonious world with and because of them.

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Buffalo are curious and very intelligent animals: if they are called by their name, they recognise it and react. There are around 600 buffalo on the vannulo estate, each with its own name: Musone, Ciccio Fra, Pallocchio, Presidente…

In the sele plain, buffalo are a familiar and long-established presence: they have been bred freely since the 10th century, mainly as animals suitable for helping people with the hard work in the fields, thanks to their remarkable adaptability to the hot and humid climate of the marshy areas.

Respect for animals, land and people has always guided the work and every task in this special place.

Buffalo are at the heart of the estate’s work and heritage. They have long been a symbol and treasured animal of the Paestum area.

Automated milking is a state-of-the-art system, in use at the vannulo estate since 2008.

Spacious and comfortable stables, where animal welfare is at the heart. The facilities have dedicated resting and feeding lanes, as well as an automated milking station.

In the resting areas, the buffalo are massaged with special brushes: a soothing action that removes hair.

The farm takes care of the buffalo with care and techniques that focus on the well-being of the animals.