The Museum

The agricultural world through culture and memory

The museum is a fascinating space where you can discover and rediscover objects and curiosities from the ancient rural world.

The collection on display in the Museum of Farming Culture was sought, expanded, and carefully preserved by the Palmieri family: a heritage representing the culture, yesterday as today, of the agricultural world that has always been a reference point for the Tenuta Vannulo.

The exhibition space at the Vannulo Estate focuses on farming culture from the 19th century onwards, with about a thousand objects.

The objects presented – mainly tools for work in the fields, carpentry and mechanics tools, kitchen utensils, body care articles – recount the real everyday life of the men and women who wrote the history and handed down the knowledge of an area that is still committed to agriculture. In addition, the exhibits display tools for shoemaking, butchery, saddlery, and tailoring.

Wooden showcases divide the collection’s items by category, reflecting their association with a specific genre of art.

Everyone is welcome to visit the museum at any time during the estate’s opening hours.

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A thousand objects are on display in wooden cases, sorted by their association with a specific art: tools for working in the fields Carpentry and mechanical implements, kitchen and shoemaking utensils, butchery and saddlery equipment, and tailoring and dressmaking items.

Milk can made of tin and wood. Early 1900s.

Milking stool made of wood and rope. Early 1900s.

In addition to everything else, a visit to Tenuta Vannulo offers a cultural experience. The museum is fantastic for getting a glimpse of the past, with curiosity and tradition.

Farming screw made of wood and iron. Early 1900s.

Copper cabinet. Early 1900s

Wood and iron saw

Agricultural spade

Packsaddle, 1900s

Cobbler's hammer, 1900s

Wicker basket, 1900s

Billhook, 1900s

Gravel fork, 1900s

Billhook, 1900s

Wooden hanger, 1900s

Door hook, '900s

Cowbell, '900s

Carding comb, 1800s

Iron, '900s

Clamp, '900s

Milking stool made of wood and rope. Early 1900s

Milk can made of tin and wood. Early 1900s

Bin, '800s

Two-pronged hayfork, 1900s

Flask, '900s

Hemp comb, '900s

Billhook, '900s

Saw, '900s

Wooden log and wedge, 1900s

Wood saw, '900s

Basket with bolts, '800s

Scales, '900s

Urn, '900s

Lace box, '800s

Hair dryer, '900s

Billhook. Early 900s.

Buffalo bell. Early 900s.